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How to find us

Endoscopic Center
at the hospital Ebersberg

Pfarrer-Guggetzerstr. 3
85560 Ebersberg

Phone: 0049 8092/822445
Fax: 0049 8092/822446

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A great number of diseases, which in the past had to undergo classical surgery, may today be conducted by using minimally invasive procedures. Today benign growths should be removed endoscopically, independent of their size or position. But also intestinal cancer in the early stage may be operated endoscopically. A safe and particularly gentle method, which completely preserves the colon.  We furthermore are focusing on endoscopic tumor therapy, as well as operations on the bile ducts. Hence we are specialized on highly complex endoscopic interventions. For years our center successfully conducts the entire scope of classic surgical procedures. In addition here is where we developed and established new and innovative techniques.

Range of Services: Operative Endoscopy

Removal of Adenoids from stomach and intestine (Polypectomy/Mucosectomy/ESD)

Endoscopic tumor therapy, as well as laser and APC method

Application of plastic- and metalstents

Balloon Inflation

Emergency and bloodstilling (hemostasis) measures in the oesophagus, stomach and intestine

Application of feeding tubes (PEG/PEJ)

Interventions of the bile ducts  (ERCP, EPT, stent therapy, photodynamic therapy, PTCD)

Treatment of fistulas and injuries with clipping system and vacuum sponge (Endovac)

Endosonographic punctures

Obesity therapy with the use of stomach balloon

Praxis an der Kreisklinik Ebersberg

Pfarrer-Guggetzer-Str. 3
85560 Ebersberg

Tel.: 08092/822445
Fax.: 08092/822446


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